Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Swan Song?

  Can a blog sing a swan song?  If so, this last posting of 2013 may be The Berkeley Write's.

  As I noted recently, I have been posting on this blog weekly for almost two years, managing in nearly 100 postings—I hope coherently—to string together close to 100,000 words in the process.  I suddenly feel that I have run out of two vital ingredients: interesting new ideas to write about and the ardor to keep up the pace.  Deeper down, I have an all-consuming fear of becoming more repetitive, more trivial and triter than I may already have been.  So, at least for the nonce, and maybe forever, I am taking down The Berkeley Write's masthead.

  If this really is The Berkeley Write's swan song, what could be more appropriate than to include in its lyrics a thank-you to all those readers who have praised its contents.  I would have stopped long ago had I not been so encouraged.

  I wish you Happy Holidays and a great 2014!

George Turin